Premium Credit Corp (PCC) is a “user-friendly” agency. This is not a slogan or trendy marketing statement. It is a core principle behind our methodology and approach that defines the way we do business. This benefits you on many levels:

                • Competitive Performance
                • Outstanding Client Service
                • Excellent Public Relations

     Our commitment is total. We provide our clients with a variety of services, from billing and collection, to customized pre-collection programs. We have more than a vested interest in our clients. Our survival is dependent on the quality of our reputation.

     This manifests itself in many ways. Our computer system is designed for flexibility, allowing us to customize and benchmark our activity to meet your needs and requirements. Our management team is devoted to remaining on the cutting edge of new technology and industry changes.

     Our Quality Management Team will work very closely with you to identify not just your needs and requirements, but how you want the service relationship to function, before we receive your first placements. From our collection floor to our mail room, specific training will take place to educate our management and staff as to all the nuances of how your management team wants our relationship to function.

     The entire focus of PCC is on the needs of our clients. Many of our clients have said that with PCC, for the first time, they were able to work shoulder to shoulder with their agency to build the relationship that they wanted. We recognize that your requirements will be varied and unique, and we are prepared to invest every PCC resource not only to meet, but to exceed them.

     We are fully committed to implementing all necessary programs and procedures to ensure that you and your organization are provided exemplary service. One example of how this commitment permeates every level of our agency is our "Front-line Leadership Program" designed to develop effective leaders within our organization. This is necessary to consistently ensure that all employees’ tasked with supervisory responsibilities know first-hand, the chief objectives for our clients:

Balance Excellent Public Relations with Outstanding Recovery Goals
Provide Exceptional Client Service - Every Day

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